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Elisha (Ellie) Eisen is white, Jewish and 15 years old. Her mom has abandoned her family twice and Ellie is still afraid, deep down, that she will leave again. She just started going to Percy when she meets Jeremiah. Glad she met Jeremiah because it feels like she can talk to him about so many things, but she is worried about their love for many reasons. Mostly because the obvious black and white issue.
If Ellie had a MySpace, her color scheme on her profile would probably be soft colors. "When a Man Loves a Woman" by Percy Sledge would be the song on her profile. It said in the book that that's why she chose to go to Percy, because it reminded her of her favorite song. The book doesn't really talk that much about Ellie's friends, but I know Jeremiah would be one of them. She would also have her siblings. I don't think her mom would be one of her friends, just because I think they would get into a lot of fights online! Her "About Me" page would talk about her being laid back, and shy at times. She would also talk about Jeremiah a lot. Ellie would maybe put one picture of herself, but no more than one. I don't think she'd want to show herself like that too much. I think the Star of Jacob would be somewhere in her profile, to show how she's Jewish.

This is a passage from the book that shows her relationship with her mother:
"Marion laughed. She pulled a chicken covered with rosemary and lemon slices from the oven.
'Smells good, Marion.'
'Stop calling me Marion.'
'Stop calling me Elisha.'
'That's your name.'
'And Marion's yours.'"
(Woodson 19-20)

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Jeremiah (Miah) Roselind is black, from Brooklyn and also 15 years old. He is new at Percy, too, because his
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dad wanted him to go to a better school. He plays basketball and doesn't eat red meat. He loves his friends and is super excited when he meets Ellie. He loves her but she to is worried about their love and what will become of it. To listen to a passage read from the book about their rocky love go to the Plot page.

"He'd gone to Percy for his daddy-but everything else, not eating meat, coming to her house first after school, not cursing or acting the fool (too much) - that was for Mama."
(Woodson 43)
This quote shows Jeremiah's internal conflict because his parents are getting divorced and he has to choose daily between them.

Carlton is Jeremiah's friend from his neighborhood. His dad is black and his mom is white. So he turns out to be some kind of an infulence for the interracial couple.

Marion Eisen is Ellie's mother. Ellie and Marion don't have a very good relationship because Marion abandoned her family twice before. Marion wants their relationship to be better, but Ellie isn't very open to it.

Nelia Roselind is Jeremiah's mom. She and her husband are getting a divorce. She used to be a writer and semi-famous but hasn't written any books in a long time.

Norman Roselind is Jeremiah's dad, and a director. He is famous and had a few Oscar nominations. He was having an affair with Louis Ann King and is now living with her.

Anne is Ellie's favorite older sister. She is a lesbian and lives in San Francisco. Ellie got mad at her, because she freaked out when Ellie told her that Jeremiah is black.

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