All pages should look like this with #028DAC as the background and #C4C4C4 as the text. The font should be Times New Roman and the text should be centered.

Okay so I know we discussed the reading schedule on the discussion boards so here it goes:

Thursday, March 5: Read through Chapter 5

Monday, March 9: Read through Chapter 10

Thursday, March 12: Read through Chapter 15

Monday March 16: Read through Chapter 20

Thursday, March 20, Finish the book!

~Abby should be organizer

These are my ideas for incorporating original media in our wiki, but please comment or add to my thoughts.
I think we should use Voice Thread, Wordle, and the Clipping Generator. We can use voice thread and use copyright free images to illustrate the plot description. And then we can all collaborate to each do a page or something. For the Clipping Generator we can make it an article from the school newspaper of the school that Jeremiah and Ellie attend, Percy. It could be like a human interest piece on new couples on campus. And for Wordle we could make an image for each character. The character's name would be larger than the rest and then around it would be words describing the character.