The first setting of the book is Jeremiah playing basketball on an outdoor court. It is spring, almost winter. The place is Fort Greene, Brooklyn. It is probably around the 1990s. The neighborhood Jeremiah lives in is a little rough, mostly populated with black people. People regularly play basketball in empty trash cans and fire escapes in this part of town. The details that the author adds make you feel frightened, in a way. It seems like a person with a gun might pop out of the bushes and shoot someone, so the feeling is a little uneasy.

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The second main setting of the book is sharply different from the first. It is Ellie's house which is in a nicer area than Jeremiah's. She's walking home from school on an overcast and dreary day. It is also raining, which makes the feeling a little glum. The sounds of New York City are in the background, such as taxis, police-car sirens, honking horns, and people talking on their cell phones as they walk by. Then you enter her house and it is cozy with a fireplace in the living room. There is a window in the living room that golden light will stream in through. The first time the book takes you there it is raining so no light is coming in, but other times when Ellie comes back there is light. Her family has the whole top two floors, so it is really more like a house than an apartment. It is rather empty since only Ellie and her parents live there. But the mood is somewhat peculiar, and it makes you feel like Ellie's parents are kind of up tight

The other setting of this book actually comes in between the first two, but it is a flashback so you don't get much of a feel for the setting. It is Percy, which is the school that both Jeremiah and Ellie attend. It is an indoor school so it might feel a little chilly if the air conditioning is running. There are lockers running up and down the walls and it is a typical New York private school.


Another important setting is when Miah and Ellie are in Central Park and kiss for the first time. The leaves on the trees are all shades of red and gold and brown. There are people around but Ellie and Jeremiah feel like they are all alone and secluded. The air is crisp but still warm. The setting during this moment makes you feel like the world is perfect and everything is going to work out.

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These are some of the emotions the setting at Central Park evokes.

Another main setting that is visited several times throughout the story is Jeremiah's mom's apartment. The book description of it makes it sound very warm and welcoming.There are yellow stained-glass panes in the kitchen which make the whole room glow a soft gold color. The first time Jeremiah is there it is raining but still cheery and happy. It smells like peppers and onions and garlic and tomatoes. His home, like Ellie's, is too big for his family. Only his mom and him live in it, even though there are nine room. That's rather big for a New York apartment.

One setting that is slightly less important is the Percy gym. It is bigger than the gym at Jeremiah's old school's gym. It has fiberglass backboards, padded poles, and a really bouncy floor. There is a maroon and gray panther in the middle of the floor, along with the Percy insignia. Since it is a gym there would be florescent lighting and bleachers too.

Another setting that is part of the book is the library. Miah and Ellie meet each other there in the book, however it doesn't show up much. It had stone lions, overlooking the street. Between these lions, there were stairs that led up to the library. Here, Miah and Ellie talk about if they knew they were going to be together, would they still come softly? (That is where the book title comes from.)

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